BikeService Transport Terms of service

§1. Definitions

  1. Bike owner - at the same time a user of the BikeService application, a person authorized to issue a bicycle to a Courier, a person possessing documents confirming the ownership of a bicycle submitted for transport.
  2. Courier - a person receiving a bike from the owner. The courier works in company clothing marked with the BikeService logo.
  3. Reservation - reservation the Service by the Customer using the Application or website
  4. Service - bicycle transport door2door realized in the Warsaw agglomeration.
  5. Application - software and reservations system of BikeService within the meaning of the Act on Copyright and Related Rights, operated by BikeService and distributed under the name "BikeService", available on the Internet in the domain The application is intended for bike owners and is used for booking repairs by Clients in order to conclude contracts for the provision of Services by Service Providers.
  6. Bike Service - a brand of MD Management based in Warsaw, ul. Battalion AK Karpaty 5A, entered into CEIDG with REGON 362192418 and NIP 5632351191 being the administrator of the Application and having the copyright to the Application.

§2. Implementation of transport

  1. The Door2Door transport includes the delivery of a bicycle to or from a bicycle service as part of the bicycle repair application submitted by the BikeService application or website in the selected service. A properly trained person with technical knowledge in the field of bicycle mechanics is at your disposal.
  2. The service can be provided after indicating the place from which the bike must be picked up and possibly returned according to the marked option in the BikeService application
  3. The service is carried out in Warsaw and in the neighboring municipalities, up to a maximum of 10 km from the city border.
  4. The costs of Door2door transport service:
    • 60 PLN – in Warsaw
    • 100 PLN – beyond the city limits (up to 10km)
    • in case of transporting several bicycles at once, the price is set individually
  5. In case of picking up a bicycle from the owner, the courier charges the payment in advance. The issued receipt is a confirmation of acceptance of the transport order to the indicated service using the application. The courier doesn't carry cash with him. Payment is made only by card.
  6. The transport will take place after prior agreement with the owner and according to the calendar placed on the website
  7. BikeService Transport is only responsible for transporting the bike

§3. Security

  1. Every bike for transport is insured in Poland
  2. The insurance covers damages or total destruction of the bicycle only during transport and its theft while carrying out the transport service.
  3. The insurance doesn't cover damage that occurred before handing the bike over to transport and damage caused due to improper service by the service indicated by the user.
  4. The transport service is carried out only by a suitably dressed and marked person who certifies receipt of the bicycle with a receipt and a stamp. The car also has the BikeService marking. Please don't issue bicycles to other people.

§4. Complaints

  1. Irregularities in the operation of the Application may be advertised by customers through the relevant notification of BikeService or persons acting on its behalf.
  2. Complaints regarding transport should be reported via e-mail to the following e-mail address:
  3. The complaint will be considered within 14 days of its receipt. In complicated cases or if the complaint can't be resolved within the above time due to reasons not attributable to BikeService. BikeService reserves the right to extend the period for the recognition of the complaint.
  4. BikeService reserves the right to require the advertiser to provide information or clarification in a situation where the complaint is required. Clarifications or information should be provided by the Service Provider within 7 days. In the case of failure to comply with this term, BikeService is entitled to leave the complaint without recognition.
  5. BikeService doesn't accept complaints related to improper bike repair by the service indicated in the Application.

§5. Final Provisions

  1. BikeService transport isn't responsible for the quality of the service and the possible failures there
  2. The courier has the right to refuse to accept the bike for transport if it is found that the bicycle is in a condition which isn't suitable for repair, eg a broken or broken frame, no significant mechanical elements, etc.
  3. The courier has the right to refuse to accept the bike for transport if it is suspected that the bike is stolen.
  4. The courier has the right to charge an additional fee in the event of the Customer or a person authorized by him to hand over or pick up the bike at the agreed time and place. The customer will be charged an additional fee of 50 PLN.
  5. All transport declarations are accepted only using the BikeService application. Regulations for the use of the application are available at
  6. These Regulations are subject to Polish law.
  7. Regulations come into force on 01/01/2021.